I’m a knitventure guide.

I forge new knitting paths, transform designs into patterns, and lead knitters on adventures through the fibery wild.

Find Community With Other Knitventure Guides


Knitting is a journey. We write the maps.

We create designs that take knitters on adventures, and we create the map so they have directions on how to get to the same finished object. Our designs help knitters to transform their everyday knitting time into knitventure time.

We empower knitters with knowledge to embark on the knitventures they want to but may be afraid to take.  We provide a starting point for knitters’ creativity to take flight.

But beyond that, we instill hope that knitters can achieve knitting skills for projects that seem impossible to them now. Our confidence in them can carry over into their confidence in themselves.

The journey doesn’t have to be tedious though, which is why I’m sharing some templates that I’ve created to make my design life easier. Check them out below!

Expand Your Horizons

Learn something new for your adventure-mapping.

The greatest knitting encyclopedia is our own minds. The more we build it, the more challenging projects we can take on without fear. Learning new skills keeps our design from becoming routine and fulfills our need to wander. Not to mention, what we learn helps us and our knitter-friends on our future wanderings.

Taking the time to learn something new lets us be more self-sufficient and less fearful of mistakes or surprises. Tracing back through how a mistake happened and fixing it transforms that mistake into a learning experience for future adventures.

Take a look at the resources I’ve compiled for you below, and if you want even more, make sure to join the Knit Design Haven to get access to members-only challenges and resources.


Knit Design Haven

A community ONLY for knit designers.

We’re a community of knit designers who love to lead knitters on adventures. We range from industry experts to just-getting-started. We’re a safe community built on collaboration. We’re a no-guilt, no-judgement group where there are no stupid questions, only learning experiences. We value authenticity and honesty, and respect freedom and creativity.  Whether you’ve just started your knit design journey, or are well on your way to being an expert, we welcome you to share your journey and skills with our encouraging fellowship.