I’m a knitventurer.

I explore my world through adventures in knitting and seek challenge out to grow in confidence and skill.

Find Your Next Knitventure


Knitting is a journey. The pattern is just a map.

A design inspires you to take a new stitching adventure, and the pattern is one path on how to get there. Your inspired yarn and color choices blended with the design and your unique modifications allow you to transform your everyday knitting time into knitventure time.

Sometimes you don’t want to use the route provided and that’s okay. That’s what being a knitventurer is all about. Exploring. Trying new things. Always learning, and using that knowledge to embark on the knitventures you want to take. Making each knitted piece your own.

Each design is crafted with thoughtfulness and precision to ensure that you have a high quality and consistent knitting experience. All patterns are tech edited and test knit, and most include video tutorials for techniques included in the pattern so you can have a self-service knitting experience.

Build Your Skills

Add new skills to your knitting toolkit.

The greatest knitting encyclopedia is our own minds. The more we build it, the more challenging projects we can take on without fear. Learning new skills keeps our knitting from becoming routine and fulfills our need to wander. Not to mention, what we learn helps us on our future wanderings.

Taking the time to learn something new lets us be more self-sufficient and less fearful of mistakes or surprises. Tracing back through how a mistake happened and fixing it transforms that mistake into a learning experience for future adventures.

Take a look at the resources I’ve compiled for you below, and if you want even more, make sure to join the Knitventure Society to get access to members-only challenges and patterns.


The Knitventure Society

A no-strings-attached community where we outwit our knits.

Wander in and out like a tumbleweed blowing over the prairie, we’re not an accountability group. We are a community of knitters who love to go out and adventure with our knitting, and then come back and share our journeys with other knitventurers. We’re a no-guilt, no-judgement group where you can come and go as you please. Our knitalongs have minimal guidelines (just enough to keep things fair) because we value authenticity and honesty, and respect freedom and creativity.  Whether you’ve just started your knitting journey, or are well past experienced, we welcome you into our encouraging fellowship.