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Clear Patterns for Confident Knitting

We’ve taken features we love from other patterns, eradicated annoyances we hate, and added a few special touches to our patterns that we hope you love as much as we do. All of our new patterns have these features, and we are working to update our older patterns to our new pattern standard.

No-Risk Purchase

Tech Edited

We value your knitting experience and have all of our patterns professionally edited. Tech editors check the math and that the pattern is complete. We know no pattern can be perfect, but we invest in as many checks as we can to eliminate potential errors.

Test Knit

Test knitting is the beta for the pattern where knitters evaluate the knitting experience. All of our patterns are test knit by knitters from around the world so you can have the smoothest knitting experience possible.

Pattern Previews

You can browse books in a bookstore or a library. Why shouldn’t you be able to preview a pattern before you purchase? Purchasing a pattern shouldn’t be a gamble. Understand exactly what you’re getting before you buy.

Instructions for Many Knitting Styles

Complete Written & Charted Instructions

We respect that every knitter has a different comprehension style. You shouldn’t have to rewrite a pattern to make it work for you. Each of our patterns comes with fully written and charted instructions. Yeah, it takes extra time to write them. Yeah, it’s 2-3 times as expensive to have edited. Your pleasant knitting experience is worth it to us.

Logical Page Breaks

It’s super annoying to have to keep track of multiple pages to work a single row of knitting. If we can fit everything you need to work a section on one page, we do it. That means we try to keep a chart key by every chart, and take care in the written instructions to try to keep rows that go together on the same page.

Table-Formatted Written Instructions

Life is full of distractions Nested, repeating instructions make it really easy to lose our place. And losing our place = more prone to making mistakes. Our long stitch repeats get their own column so that there’s always a visual differentiator to fall back to, rather than having to find the beginning repeat symbol in a long line of text.

Stay On Track


We quit counting how many times we’ve lost our row counters or the cat messed up the numbers. Our patterns include checkboxes so you can mark off rows and repeats completed without carrying around an extra tool.

Progress Percentages

We struggle with motivation, especially on patterns where the number of rows is not an easy indicator of progress. Our patterns include 25%, 50%, and 75% stitch completion progress icons to help you make sure your project is done before the deadline.

Stitch Count Breakdowns

Stitch counts for entire rows are great, but where did we make the mistake?
Our patterns include stitch count breakdowns by rows and in between stitch markers to help identify and fix mistakes.

Get Support

Links To Video Tutorials

Sometimes we read something ten times and still don’t get it. Why be limited to text? Our patterns include links to video tutorials to help you along, without having to spend hours looking for a video that explains a technique.

Email Support

Email us at anytime with your questions. We’re happy to help! If time permits, we even record videos to help get you the answer you need.