In this episode, Amanda talks about some favorite knitting gifts, her alternative to knitting resolutions, one WIP, one HO, one pseudo-FO, a reminisce about a knit designer that the knitting community lost too soon, and some information about collection preorder and release of the Any Size Shawls collection.

Knitting Gifts

Provisional Knitting Resolutions (PKRs)

  • My issue with new year resolutions is they don’t account for the uncertainties of everyday life. You set them and you break them and you feel horrible.
  • This year I’m setting “Provisional Knitting Resolutions” (or PKRs) that are more flexible and allow for changes along the way.
  • My 2019 PKR Recreational Project Queue

Work In Progress

  • Measureless Swatch Recipe

Half Object

Pseudo-Finished Object

  • Aspen Roots Swatches

Tribute to Leo Pola of MMario Designs

Any Size Shawls Volume 1

  • Preorders will be starting in early January for the ebook. The preorder will be discounted.
    • The ebook will include 3 shawl designs, with one releasing each month during January-March of 2019.
    • Measureless will release January 17.
    • Boundless will release February 21.
    • Limitless will tentatively release March 21.
  • The preorder is via Gumroad. You will have immediate access to the swatch recipes for Measureless. When Measureless releases on January 17 on Ravelry, you will receive a download code to add the ebook to your library on Ravelry, which will grant you access to the released pattern and will automatically update with the remaining patterns in the coming months. The swatch recipes will no longer be available on Gumroad at that time and will only be available via Ravelry download.
  • This will be my only shawl collection for 2019 as I am shifting focus to another knitting-related venture. 2018 was a year of reflection, revelations, and tough love regarding business finances and I am working to create a steady income that can support the costs of creating and selling patterns before I consider returning to knitwear design full-time.

Happy New Year!