In this fortnight’s episode, get details on planned projects, three finished objects, and share about when you learned to knit!

Purl Scouts Announcements

  • The Summer Shawl Shenanigans KAL is in full swing!¬†Get all the details at!
  • Make sure to post your Summer Shawl Shenanigans WIP photo by the end of the day Tuesday to qualify for each week’s WIP giveaway!



  • Stargaze in Into the Whirled Dresden DK, The Cat’s Pyjamas colorway
  • Measureless in The Spinnacle¬†Fiber Arts’ All That Glitters, “In a drop of water lie all the secrets of the ocean” colorway

Tests & Quests

Around The Campfire

  • How/why did you learn to knit?
  • Who taught you to knit?
  • What method (Western, Eastern, Combination) were you taught to knit?
  • What style (picking, throwing, flicking, etc.) were you taught to knit?
  • How has your method and style evolved as your knitting skill progressed?

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