December 1, 2023 Please visit to purchase patterns while we put the finishing touches on our new shop.
December 01, 2023 Please visit to purchase patterns while we put the finishing touches on our new shop.

Pay What You Want

Sales and discounts are great marketing tools. And…I’m in a love/hate relationship with marketing lately.

During the pandemic, I became intimately acquainted with flash sales and coupon codes, especially in the realms of ceramics and plants. It’s stressful, a high risk for overspending and impulse purchasing, and not everyone gets what they want. We’re not doing that here.

Pick your pattern price. Anytime.

  • Minimum: $5.00
  • Retail: $15.00
  • Maximum: $50.00

Looking for free? See Patterns For All information below.

What is Patterns For All?

Each pattern you purchase here at Atlas Knits helps make sure every knitter that wants an Atlas Knits pattern can buy one.

Each month, I convert a percentage of total pattern sale into Patterns For All credits. They live on the coupon codes below.

A code can be used for one Atlas Knits pattern per account per month, and there are a limited quantity available on a monthly basis.

Fun fact: We have never hit the limit on a montly basis, and there has been a constant supply of credits in the fund since it rolled out in 2019.

Redeem Patterns For All Pattern Credits

  1. Add an individual pattern to your cart
  2. Use the coupon code below to redeem a pattern with a Patterns For All credit
  3. Check out and enjoy!

Month Coupon Code
July 2023 PFAJULY23
August 2023 PFAAUGUST23
September 2023 PFASEPTEMBER23
October 2023 PFAOCTOBER23
November 2023 PFANOVEMBER23
December 2023 PFADECEMBER23

Free Ways You Can Support Designers

– Send a note of encouragement via email – it is SO APPRECIATED. We have a “your work is appreciated” file that we reference when we need it (when we feel overwhelmed by pattern support inquiries or receive a particularly unkind email, which happens more often than not)
– Share your Atlas Knits creations on social media with #atlasknits and give others the pattern name and a link where to buy it
– If you use Ravelry, create a project page – post photos, yarn info, and review the pattern
– Like, heart, favorite, save, comment, and otherwise engage with our posts on social media
– Subscribe to our newsletter (it’s the only communication channel we own and we are guaranteed that our messages will get to you – immune to algorithm changes!)
– Encourage your LYS to reach out to us about trunk shows and classes